Hey my lovely followers! So I’ll be away for the next five days to go to Disney World with my best friend a-zebra-was-here to celebrate her birthday!! You should follow her btw. I’ll try to post stuff but not as much as usual. I’m taking this as a Jimmy Page detox hahahah. But I’ll be back soon! Love you guys! xoxo

Geddy Lee’s ALS ice bucket challenge is so adorable and odd at the same time I love him to bits

Jimmy Page, circa 1970.

Jimmy Page, circa 1970.

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Joni Mitchell plays a mountain dulcimer for a little girl outside.


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I really hope Jimmy called Robert and wished him a happy birthday



Robert Plant and Jimmy Page doing a version of Light My Fire/Break On Through around 1995-96. How cool and hot is this?


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Happy Birthday Robert Anthony Plant! [08/20/1948]. 

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My attempts at a Disney parks text post meme.

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Playing a guitar is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s so euphoric and cathartic. I’ve endured many heartbreaks and losses, all thanks to guitars.
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